The Perfect Date

I think one of the best things in life is finding somebody to share moments and experiences with. If you are looking for platonic companionship, or somebody just to have a cuddle and hold hands with, I am perfect for you. I love activities like the ballet, the opera and live symphonies (Debussy, Rachmaninoff & Tchaikovsky are some of my favorites). I adore visiting art galleries and seeing exhibitions- Heide in Melbourne and then afternoon tea in the gardens. For the more avant garde, I also enjoy performance art (think Marina Ambramović) and contemporary art shows. Those who are more academically inclined- let’s go to a reading or a public lecture and debate over a glass of wine together afterwards. Whilst I’m comfortable in those surroundings, I love to be home on the couch also, curled up in your arms and playing video games. You decide, and I’ll be there.

Perfect Date is P.O.A (Price on application).

The Babydoll

Soft kisses, caressing, tenderness, giving and receiving, rolling in the sheets and me curled into your chest after as you gently play with my hair. Bring out the perfect girlfriend in me, the one who greets you in the silk slip dress and asks you about your day at work before leading you by the hand to the shower, the bed or even the sofa… if you decide it then and there you need to have me.

1 hour: 650

90 mins: 900

2 hours: 1100

3 hours: 1500

Dinner Date: 1500

The Hedonist

Tell me all your secrets…what turns you on, deep down? Let me make your fantasies come to reality. Let us completely indulge our senses and get lost in hedonistic bliss. Will I submit to you? Will you submit to me? Or will we take turns yielding to one another? This is an experience for the gentleman who wants to experience the sexual tension build over dinner, catch a glimpse of black lace peeking through the neckline of my dress, the feeling of my arm against his as I brush past him in the elevator, a trail of my perfume behind me. Nobody would guess that behind closed doors, lies a woman who knows exactly what she wants, what she likes and how she wants it.

1 hour: 800

90 min: 1300

2 hours: 1500

3 hours: 2200

Dinner Date: 2200 

Specific services are offered at my discretion. Please contact me to discuss.  

A note on my rates: for the patrons who’ve been seeing me prior to September 1st, 2019- my previous donations will apply. Please inquire with me to discuss whether this applies to you .