I have a 100% positive review rate, spanning back to September 2013. I have placed all my reviews here, so you can read what others have to say about time spent together. 

"In short, this Goddess is everything that I’d hoped she would be."


A massive thank you to Gia James for saving the day and seeing me at very late notice this weekend (due to my previously booked escort going MIA, I hope she is ok). 

Gia was great to deal with over text and arrangements were seamlessly confirmed. The fact that I’d actually be seeing this stunner in a little over 24 hours for 2 hours PSE was still amazing to me. 

I first noticed Gia James a few years ago and had been a fan ever since but had never booked her. I am not a ‘regular’ punter and have only ever infrequently booked ‘touring’ escorts here in Melbourne at their hotel or if I was in Sydney, at their apartment. 

We met at the hotel lifts. Gia was wearing a red dress and a leather jacket. She is gorgeous in person. Although I was a little star struck she was very down to earth and great to talk to. Having never heard her speak before I’d half expected a Russian accent but no, she speaks in regular Aussie albeit with a hardly noticeable but very cute lisp. 

I had asked Gia to bring a few of her favourite toys and she did not disappoint. Her bag of tricks included a large pink dildo, a couple of butt plugs, another knobbly glass dildo and a hitachi vibrator. This was going to be fun. 

A couple of highlights from my first experience with Gia James: 
Gia is a fantastic kisser, Gia has wonderfully sensitive nipples that love attention, Gia tastes great, Gia is very vocal when she cums - love that, Gia loves being rimmed almost as much as I love rimming her, on her third orgasm, she squirted - I didn’t know that she could do that, bonus! 

In short, this Goddess is everything that I’d hoped she would be. 

Thank you Gia for a fantastic afternoon. You are a 10/10. 

- Baz




"On a scale of 1-10 how would I rate my time with Gia? 11."

I have wanted to book Gia James so many times before and finally circumstances prevailed where it became a reality. I followed her links from Scarlett Blue profile to her website and noticed amongst other things she provided a BDSM service both as Dom and Sub, and being a lover of this kink myself the only decision left was which role. I opted to be dominated so I must advise that this review is for such a session, if you’re not into that kink, you don’t know what you’re missing. What made things more appealing was that Gia has the same outlook in that it should be complimentary to the sexual act and not separate as some practitioners would like you to believe. So here is my review.

I arrived right on time, I buzzed Gia’s apartment number and as we couldn’t get the downstairs door to open, Gia said to me ‘hang on I’ll put some clothes on and come get you’. Now I was expecting her to come down in trackie pants and sweat top and then she appeared, in the stairwell. Now regular punters will know Profile pics and their accuracy has a high degree of variation not just on SB but on all sites. I was hoping, this wasn’t one of those occasions but yes it was. For as hot and stunning as her pictures in her profile are, Gia is far more attractive in person. When she came to open the door in a sexy red summer dress with white polka dots I was immediately reminded of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Scarlett Johanson’s character. Following her up those stairs I congratulated myself on my decision and gave myself a pep talk. I had to be on my best performance levels to do justice to the beauty and the body that was swanking its way one step above me, the stairway to heaven. A cliché but oh so true in this instance.

Once in her apartment we took care of the necessities and set boundaries and then I was hers to do with as she pleased. 
By now, Gia was in sexy black lingerie and I found myself naked on the bed with me hands cuffed and with a collar on. 
Gia began by slapping my already hard cock, firmly enough, then she shoved her beautiful natural breasts, bra still on into my face, I kissed and licked. Then she pressed her pussy, panties still on the same way, I kissed I licked. She then placed her lips on mine and we had an ever so fleeting glimpse of what a GFE with Gia would be like. We kissed like we were in a Pedro Almodivar movie, ‘Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down’ comes to mind, tongues dancing a tango amongst saliva and ever warming breath. When Gia decided it was enough, she pulled back. She slapped my face a couple of times, licked the palm of her hand and rubbed it on my face, spat on my face and rubbed it in on me. 

She then ordered me on all fours and to crawl to the bathroom and have a cold shower. Throughout she gave me strict instructions not to cum. This was easily said than done as I am the king of multiple shots. She said she was in charge and she would tell me when to blow and she wanted it to be one massive gorging orgasm. She ordered me to stand in the cold shower for 40 seconds and wank. Wank but don’t blow. Once I had completed that task, I was allowed to dry and crawl back into the bedroom and onto her bed. 

Gia took over as Director for the filming and ensured perfect camera angles, have already relived the magical moments. Unlike some others, Gia doesn’t place restrictions on her filming. In fact, a couple of times I caught her checking herself on my I Pad screen, she needn’t worry, she looked spectacular.

On the bed Gia ordered me to kiss every part of her naked body from the top of her head, to the tips of her toes. After that I maneuvered my way back to her spectacular pussy for some DATY. That was most enjoyable for me and as I had done some research, also for Gia. Then she pressed her ass cheeks against my face, I slowly lifted my tongue, rimming around her asshole before I plunged in, I could feel the pleasure surge through her entire body, I went as deep as I could, and it was awesome.

She then had me on all fours and spanked my ass, slapping my still hard cock every now and again. Then pulling on the lead she placed her fingers in my ass. More a finger fuck than prostate exam, she released the chain to pull on my cock with her other hand. As soon as she felt I was about to blow she relaxed, retreated and I breathed a sigh of relief from unrealized expectations.

She then ordered me on my back, and began the best blow job I’ve ever had. I know that’s often claimed and to be truthful it’s hard to find a bad one but this was pure bliss, not porn star more the naughty GFE, kissing the tip and stem, licking every inch and then taking it all deep into her mouth. She had adjusted camera angle so that I could see those beautiful doe eyes looking POV as my rock hard cock disappeared lovingly past her pouty lips, and watching it again turned me on almost as much as live. 

She then straddled me reverse cowgirl style, her slappable bubble but bouncing in front of my face as we fucked, slowly at first then I pounded her tight warm pussy, I was ready to blow but Gia wouldn’t let me.

The coup de grace came in the form of the best doggy style fuck I’ve ever had. Broken up into three sections. The first two times when I felt like blowing, I would let Gia know and she would get me to relax and slow down but stay in that heavenly hole before resuming. As we began Round 3, she said to me ‘This time I want you to blow, and I want it to be the biggest load of cum you’ve ever blown. Make it massive’. I couldn’t let her down. I began pounding her hard from behind, slapping her ass, tugging on her dangling firm nipples from her bouncing breasts, kissing the back of her neck, her back, her ass before I blew this tidal wave of cum, a tsunami no less. 

After I caught my breath, I showered and we had a nice chat while I waited for my Uber. On a scale of 1-10 how would I rate my time with Gia? 11. I am not kidding. I am already preparing for our next meeting, this time we may switch, or maybe I go the PSE, nah fuck it, I think it will have to be an overnighter.

- Cliptiger





"An absolutely stunning and breathtaking beauty who will make your time unforgettable..."

I don't normally write reviews but the lady last night I met was an incredible soul so that's why I am writing a review. I had an absolute pleasure of seeing Gia last night for the first time she is everything her profile claims to be an absolutely stunning and breathtaking beauty who will make your time unforgettable, she was simply unbelievable , innocent, beautiful, educated and well mannered with a splendid body. 

- K




"Totally up for anything and a body that just wants to be had..."

Gia is amazing amazing amazing. Thanks babe for a fabulous Thursday night. Totally up for anything and a body that just wants to be had. Gents- when you consider the menu - tick all the boxes you will not be disappointed. Was a bit uncertain about making a video - but soooo glad I did. She’s amazing.

- D



"I cannot get over how beautiful her eyes are and I love the way her brain works..."

I met Gia recently on a Tuesday and as stunning as she looks in her professional photos, they just don’t do her any justice. She captured the attention of every person and passerby, so much so that I noticed the same people walk by several times.
I cannot get over how beautiful her eyes are and I love the way her brain works. She’s very intelligent and quick witted. I don’t want to give too much away but she’s a girl of many talents and not just a pretty face! Did I mention how beautifully captivating her eyes are?

- Luke



" I am not normally into tall girls but Gia has definitely changed my thinking there, she has fabulous long legs that lead up to the best butt you can imagine, her breasts are of a perfect size and her face is just divine..."

I had the opportunity for a booking with Gia recently and all I can say about this girl is wow! Gia is a truely amazing girl. 
I am not normally into tall girls but Gia has definitely changed my thinking there, she has fabulous long legs that lead up to the best butt you can imagine, her breasts are of a perfect size and her face is just divine.  The talents of Gia are amazing and she makes all the right noises as well it's like your with a pornstar! I would highly recommend Gia to everyone and she is definitely worth spending a few extra dollars on as her talents will blow your mind and having you wanting to go back for more! 

- SpitsBad888


"Sweetest choice for my first escort and I'll always remember it!"

Gia gave me an amazing experience that I will never forget. Communication was great and she was quick to respond to my text. I booked her for an hour PSE in Brisbane. She would be the first escort I ever saw, so I was nervous af when I arrived. I was greeted by a friendly smile and a really pretty face, she was wearing like a long vintage looking dress which was cool. I remember the dude behind the counter giving us the dirtiest look and then us laughing about it on the way up. She has a fun and friendly personality.  To cut a cut a long story short...Her head game is insane - She can suck a mean dick, no lie. Gia went deep, choked a little then came up for some air. PAUSE. Gave me a cheeky smile and then spat on it. REWIND. She has a thick booty with the softest and smoothest skin and her body had all the right curves and looked so good in all positions. And when we hugged our naked bodies together... Amazing. I got goosebumps when she gave me a massage and rubbed her body on my back followed by kisses starting from my ears then down the back of my neck from those lips. Ughhh!! Thanks for the great time Gia! Sweetest choice for my first escort and I'll always remember it! Hopefully you'll tour here again here sometime?



"The true beauty of Gia is her intelligence and her creative style and totally compelling conversation"

Last week I had a dinner date with Gia, not unusual, we often have dinners dates, however she has been away overseas for the last few months and I was very keen to catch up. We arranged to meet at a particular restaurant that she had heard about in South Yarra, I was typically early and she was fashionably late. She texted me that she had arrived and I was greeted by a vision, in a beautifully stylish tight hugging dress, low cut and tastefully revealing, now blonde, in a bob tied back in what I can only describe as a Sharon Stone "Basic Instinct" style, totally stunning!! In fact every man in the restaurant was ogling her, the barmen, the waiters, even the Chef over-rid the waiters and served us our meals. The true beauty of Gia is her intelligence and her creative style and totally compelling conversation. We retired to our hotel room after dinner and what expired next is none of your business, but think Aphrodite, Venus mixed with a bit of Basic Instinct's Sharon Stone and you are nearly close.

- Barry



"Gia is the girlfriend I wish my girlfriends were. Every dollar & minute I spent with her was an investment for an experience I will carry with me forever."

I recently had an overnight booking with Gia and felt compelled to leave a review of my experience with her. 

Gia is everything you could ask for and far more. Beautiful, intelligent, charismatic , sexy are words that easily describe Gia, but in themselves only scrape the surface of what she offered me. she gave me romance, passion, and friendship, i felt a great connection with her the moment we met. we engaged in intellectual conversation, and she flourished when providing insight of topics in discussion. She has a great sense of humour and i found myself laughing and smiling all night long. 

The term GFE is EXACTLY what you can expect when you select that option, not even for a brief moment did i feel any sense of clinical process when it came to anything we did, especially the sex. Gia was completely focused on providing me every pleasure. I should mention that Gia's gallery is perfectly accurate, but without sounding cliche, i will say she is even better in person. her skin feels smooth and firm, her body feels luxurious, from her soft, perfectly shaped breasts to her firm hourglass butt. 

In summary, Gia is the girlfriend I wish my girlfriends were. Every dollar and minute I spent with her was an investment for an experience I will carry with me forever.

- Kosta




"Gia read me like a book from the moment she walked into my door and got it spot on throughout her stay."

My date with Gia actually took place a few weeks ago but it never crossed my mind to post a review. That all changed with a single tweet. It brought a naughty smile to my face as memory of our fun-filled time together suddenly came rushing back to me prompting me to post my thoughts in writing.

Gia read me like a book from the moment she walked into my door and got it spot on throughout her stay.

Specifics are unimportant but suffice it to say that the needs of every organ in my body had been satisfied totally by the time she left! This was not only about the physical sex itself but about everything else that’s so great about this beautiful young woman; her looks obviously (in particular those eyes and that peachy bottom – yum!), her sense of humour, down-to-earth nature, a real desire to please, not to mention her sensual and incredibly sexual aura. 

She’s a woman who gives & takes pleasure in equal measure. I felt that she was enjoying me as much as I her. How often in truth does that happen during a first ever meeting? Not often really!

I've been with lots of lovely ladies and have had a lot of great punts, but only a handful ignite quite such a level of pure lust in my heart as Gia does. Some like a romantic GFE and I'm damn sure Gia does this very well, but I love energetic, lust fuelled romps and in this department Gia fulfils my desires to the hilt.

Her enthusiasm, her keenness to please and that damn glorious body - what more could a man ask for? Well perhaps a couple of hours with an oxygen tank afterwards to recover!!

Thank you Gia for a wonderful night! That definitely won’t be our last.

- J****



"All I can say is that it was one of the best hours of my life."

I've been trying to see Gia for quite a while. Out of the blue back in July our paths crossed. I saw on twitter that Gia was available in my home town. A few SMS back and forth and we fixed a time for an outcall.  All I can say is that it was one of the best hours of my life. Gia is even more beautiful in person than her pictures portray and get body is to die for in Agent Provocateur lingerie. She is also very intelligent and incredibly easy to talk to and put me at my ease. I desperately trying to find a reason to visit Melbourne, to spend some more time with the amazing young woman




"I had one of the best times ever, and immediately started plotting how to have another incredible booking with this dynamo"

I first heard of Gia on Twitter in early 2015, and have followed her since then.  She is a highly creative person who has several websites and sells artwork and publications, and is also an astonishingly sexy, exotic-looking, curvy woman.  It took me almost a year from the time I first became aware of her until I organized a booking, but Gia was worth the wait and the effort. We had a 4-hour booking, 2 hours dinner date followed by 2 hours dessert at my hotel.  I arrived at the restaurant early, and was thrilled when I saw Gia coming in the door; she is as spectacular in person as she is in even her most gorgeous photos.  We had a fantastic time getting to know each other and talking on a really wide range of topics; Gia is a great conversationalist with really broad interests in science, the arts, and the human condition.  I could have gone on talking to her for the whole 4 hours, but she suggested we head to my hotel and I was thrilled to agree. Once we were in my room, after a short chat Gia disappeared into the bathroom and quickly emerged in a gorgeous set of lingerie.  I was struck again by the fact that her face and figure are both truly amazing, with beautiful lips and eyes and a spectacular, hourglass shape.  We quickly moved to the bed and started with a really wonderful session of kissing and fondling.  Gia is a fabulous, enthusiastic kisser.  I slowly moved to more intimate kisses and caresses, and the lovely lingerie disappeared, as did my clothes.  I don't like to write erotic novels, so I won't detail how we passed the time for the next couple of hours, except to say that Gia is a real sexual enthusiast and gets thoroughly into the moment, and I really felt that we were both completely engaged.  We had lots of very heavy activity including oral both giving and receiving and lots of very passionate sex in many positions, punctuated by periods of rest and recuperation, back to kissing and cuddling, but went back for more several times and stayed very busy for the full time.  I had one of the best times ever, and immediately started plotting how to have another incredible booking with this dynamo.

- RonAllen61




"Gia truly loves sex and is extremely passionate and sensual in bed..."

I had heard about this young sexy, curvy stripper come escort from Melbourne called Gia James and I got the feeling by what I had heard that she was in fact a bit of a bogan and was quite looking forward to meeting her. Then I was referred to Gia by Gloria Van Vaulker, who also recommended me to her when I last saw Gloria in Sydney. It was after this recommendation that I arranged for a two hour GFE outcall booking in Sydney, whilst Gia was up in Sydney visiting friends for a few days. Gia definitely looks like her photos- I would even say better in person, although her hair is blonde now (she is a brunette in her current images).Here's one I took for you perverts:)  Gia was a little reserved at first but hey who can blame a 22y.o. sexy minx meeting a somewhat older manwhore for the first time?  But after a quick chat and a drink, Gia moved things into the bedroom and I began to see why Gloria has spoken so well of her! Gia truly loves sex and is extremely passionate and sensual in bed. She is an excellent kisser, very vocal and loves DATY. BBBJ was fantastic as was the accompanying gagging sounds and saliva dribbling out of Gia's mouth and onto my cock. I particularly liked it when she tried to deep throat me and each time I thought that she had my whole cock as deep as it could go down her throat, she would just get that little bit more in. Luckily I got a pencil dick I suppose ;). All the usual positions were tried and tested the highlight for me was standing doggie with Gia on the bed, with Daniel grabbing Gia's bountiful booty and frenetically fucking until completion. Gia would have happily kept going and I feel sorry to have let the team down in this instance. Once I had withdrawn there was the shaking of said booty which can only be described as a wonder of the universe. Picture a sexy back pop Diva, well Gia's ass as well as her moves could easily compete with any of the best of them IMHO.  To be honest I was a little disappointed. I was expecting a young, curvy, tattooed, foul mouthed, opinionated, stripper come escort BOGAN, when in fact what I got was an ever so sexy, young, curvy, tattooed, friendly, chatty, bright, bubbly, witty, hot nymphette that was totally insatiable and up for everything. Anyway, despite my initial disappointment (which I will be taking up with Gloria BTW)  I will most definitely be seeing Gia again and can't recommend her highly enough. 

- Daniel714



"I had an awesome time and found Gia to be a very attractive and fun girl that I happily recommend. I will be seeing her again."

My first review so apologies if it is not perfect and please note my views are based on my limited experience with WL's (less than 10). I found Gia on private girls and liked her profile - Checked the reviews on PP and it provided confidence in seeking a booking. Contact was easy and a date and time (3 days hence) was arranged - 3 hour PSE ($1600).Meet Gia in the lobby of my hotel and she looked great - I think she looks better in real life than her photos. She is a blonde rather than a brunette at the moment - I already knew this via her twitter account. Conversation flowed effortlessly as we chatted about a diverse range of subjects. She is a great df kisser with soft lips - Has lovely natural breasts with very kissable nipples. Gives and receives oral with equal enthusiasm. The sex was sensational and included multiple positions and greek. Not a time watcher and we ran a little bit over the 3 hours. Overall I had an awesome time and found Gia to be a very attractive and fun girl that I happily recommend. I will be seeing her again.




"Not sure what to say here except to say WOW! what a beautiful sensual woman.."

 Well here goes my first review! I have had Gia on my radar for some time. Today, it all started  when I saw a tweet from Gia stating she fixed her website - now working for phones and such. Anyways that was enough to trigger me making contact hehe, I tend to make many of my bookings on the spur of the moment, and this occasion was no different... I shot a text off just before 5pm, but no response  oh well worth a shot right? Lo and behold just over an hour I get a message back apologising out running. Great! we quickly settled on a time for a 2hr GFE booking.

I have been a little apprehensive making a GFE booking as PSE seems to be her speciality... As it turns out there was no need for such notions. I was greeted at the door by a luscious lady in a figure hugging short black dress. My motor was officially running  We ambled to the outside patio for a drink and chat, getting to know each other. It was relaxed and we both enjoyed the conversation (I think). After we finished our beverages we made our way to the bedroom.

Not sure what to say here except to say WOW! what a beautiful sensual woman. For me deep french kissing and dining are sublime and to say Gia didn't disappoint would be a massive understatement! seninsatiable! (new word inspired by Gia) I already can't wait for our next encounter.





"I'll save the details for my enjoyment, but she gives the most amazing blow job I've ever had..."


I had the pleasure of spending two amazing hours with Gia... 

After some discussion, I opted for the porn star experience. The appointment was originally for the week before, but we had to move it to the following week... And it went from outcall to incall. I arrived at her apartment in the city, and what opened the door was even more beautiful than her pictures. She was rather a rather elaborate set of lingerie, with many straps going everywhere. 

Admittedly I wasn't in the greatest mood. She could tell, so we started with a quick chat. I was feeling pretty shy, but her personality is hard to explain... Part mischievous, part cheeky, part in innocent (haha). 

So she perked me up a bit... Off to the bedroom. Quick shower and to the bed. Started with heavy DFK and then I moved in for some DATY... What happened next left me gasping for air and floating on a could somewhere... It was a holy shit, is this girl for real moment. I'll save the details for my enjoyment, but she gives the most amazing blow job I've ever had. 

Off for another quick chat... Then back to the bedroom for round two. Now if wasn't worn out after the first round... This put the nail in the coffin. Another amazing blow job and some intense action... With a little interlude to show me her stripper moves. I literally could not move and it left me wondering where I was... Even better than the first round. 

Gia was amazing... Simply amazing. Her eyes, she cheeky little smiles and the way she did things just scream sex appeal. I cannot recommend this girl enough. Wow!





“She looked stunning and those eyes just burnt into me- Followed her to the lift admiring her figure and stunning arse.”

Spotted Gia's profile on Private Girls website and was transfixed by those "Come fuck me eyes" Gia is new to Brisbane. I was only able to find one old review on PP and it was very positive, so booked a one hour afternoon incall to her South Brisbane apartment.
Arrived on time and Gina elected to meet me in the foyer. She looked stunning and again those eyes just burnt into me. Followed her to the lift admiring her figure and stunning arse.
When we arrived in her room we immediately embraced and the DFK was a great intro into what was to follow. Following shower, off to her bed for one of the best sessions I have experienced in quite a while. Lots of DFK, wet and prolonged blowjob, multiple positions in front of her mirror. I can still see her on her back, me standing beside the bed face fucking her whilst she used a vibrator on herself. Things got hot so had a short break before more blow job, 69 and fucking in all directions.
The experience with Gina is exactly what I expected and needed. I can best describe it as more PSE than GFE (she offers both), but it certainly was an hour of great action
Gia is a breathtaking addition to the Brisbane scene. Look after her guys and she will reward you beyond your expectations




"She performs just like a true pornstar..."

Well after doing a little research on "Peta Bailey" on the private girls website, I found out that she had been in the industry from a young age and performed under a few different names in the porn industry and under an agency as well.
 This booking was actually made under CMQ, but she mentioned during our booking she was going it alone, and now has, hence why posting this review under her new performing name.
 In preparation for our booking, I decided to check out a little of her porn work out, and visited aussieass, and was impressed. Get me even a little more excited for our booking even on top of her hot photos at private girls under Peta Bailey.
 Anyway the meeting came along. She entered my motel room and I was impressed. Has a very slim figure and she looks as good as her photos suggest.
 In the bedroom, she performs just like a true pornstar - don't go looking for a GFE experience here. Deepthroat with lots of saliva - just how I like.  
I am not one for a great amount of details - but her oral skills are impressive if you like the pornstar thing. Performed DATY on her a few times and she liked it - as did I.
3 rounds in 3 hours, not my best work, but enjoyed it.
Anyone in Melbourne after a true PS experience, don't hesitate to book GIA.
Good luck going private, I don't think she will need it.